What Is Seo

What Is Search Engine Optimisation Or More Commonly Known As SEO

There’s A Couple Of Ways To Look At It…

Of course i could go off into the ramblings and technicalities of what search engine optimisation is but that wouldn’t serve you or answer the black and white question that it really is for the small or big business owner.

Plain and simple it is the difference between people finding you online or not, the difference between your business thriving and having a plethora of clients and customers moving through your physical or digital business. The difference between your cash register ringing and filling up your coffers with money or the dreaded and all to often real closing down sale.

Hmmm i know which one sounds more appealing. Imagine what it’d be like to have your brand at the top of the searches – the reality is – that if you’re not in the top 3 positions of google or in the local search pack you get very little of the traffic that results in cold hard cash sales.

The Normal Introduction To Seo That Good Hard Working Folk Get Stuck With

Regrettably this is the usual scenario that we as a business see… A smart business figures out that they need to be represented online so they go out and hire a web design firm. This in itself is the best thing they can do as without a website you got nothing!

So the process of design and construction begins and usually after several iterations you have an online presence. Meaning it’s immortalised on the interweb for all to find… or is it?

The site then enters the search engines and for a lot of good folk never to be found again except for on a single line on the literature the business prints and distributes suggesting that more info can be found at this www. address.

Well this suxs – in my humble opinion a site is not just a representation of a business through digital media it is also a mechanism to drive leads and customers through being found in the search engines.

Now some design houses will do a little optimisation of your website but it’s really not their specialty and for some businesses this can end in disaster by the site being booted out of the google index because some wally didn’t know what they heck were doing. Or that the design house thought that SEO would be a good bolt on for extra income in their business – bad move on their behalf for you if this is the case.

Look, search engine optimisation – SEO is a completely different business to webdesign. One gives you a pretty digital entity to look at the other gets you ranked and if done correctly your tills ringing of the counter, your business overrun with clients falling over to hand your their money.

On one hand the two are synergistic as you can’t have one without the other but what needs to remembered is that they are separate to each other.

And here’s the really desirable outcome that you want to have if you can get on the right train and that is an agency that specialises in market dominance – meaning not just one listing but multiple listing on page one. And this is what we do – depending on your goals we can not just get you found but make you the force in your market place.

To see if our service is right for you the smartest step you can take is to hit the link below and fill out our discovery form which will let us see if your the right fit for our service.