In this modern age of digital marketing, small businesses are either using the internet to expand their business or thinking about it. No matter what industry you are in, the benefits of using search engine optimisation (SEO) as a marketing strategy are undeniable. The following are some of the reasons we think that SEO is so important for small businesses!


Despite there being various positives to using SEO, different combinations, plans and marketing techniques benefit different industries based on the competitors. SEO doesn’t need to be used on its own, and many businesses use it in cohesion with social media advertising and pay-per-click options.


Quality leads

SEO works by curating your web content for your business that will organically place you higher in search engine results for all searches related to your industry. Now, some businesses are using pay-per-click web marketing techniques that place your website at the top of individual search results, however over time, studies have shown that everyday consumers have learnt to ignore posts like this subconsciously. People who are finding your website based on your position in search results (without the ‘ad’ banner) are placing an inherent trust in your service.


Additionally, nowadays when people are looking for a particular service, they won’t just click on the first website they see. They will continually Google different keyword combinations and click on multiple sites. Through SEO, you can appear in multiple search results, and once again, appear to the individual searching as a respected and effective source of knowledge.


The people finding their way onto your page are not the searchers clicking on the first sponsored link, rather are the people searching for a particular service or source of information thoroughly. Therefore the users that find themselves on your page are being diligent with their search, and are thus more likely to require the assistance or knowledge of your business.



People place a lot of trust in Google to provide them exactly what they are looking for. For a lot of users, your ability to appear high on Google’s result pages is enough for them to instantly consider you a trusted and valued source of information. A well crafted SEO strategy is designed to use data on common search trends to create content that answers searched questions and provides information on common industry phrases. And… by successfully following a strategy based on SEO you are accurately producing content based on the everyday consumer’s needs, therefore making you a genuine source of accurate information.


This credibility can be further built with your company’s ability to appear in multiple searches results. This is based on the broad range of content that can be found on your website based on your SEO strategy, which covers all areas of the industry.


The more potential clients that find your site as a result of an SEO plan, the more  reputation you will build as a respected source of information. Once you have this credibility, more users will utilise your website and ultimately request the service you offer – all off the back of your SEO strategy.


Efficient ROI

With the quality of leads coming through from an SEO strategy, in almost all cases you will see a greater return on investment through your website. Without the ‘in-your-face’ nature of PPC marketing, the way SEO lets customers find your site as a result of searching specific phrases means that the people landing on your page are people looking for a particular service.


However, like mentioned above these returns are subjective, and are dictated based on what keywords and phrases your SEO plan are catered toward, and what industry and location you are working within.


Beat competitors

As a small business, it is of utmost importance to separate yourself from the competitors in your industry. There is a fair chance that your industry competitors are not utilising this space. The more common option for people is the PPC strategy as it has a continuous cost and is easy to orchestrate. However, as people are becoming more and more inclined to move past sponsored content in their search results, being higher in the organic results automatically brings you more traffic than your competitors.


Research shows that about 75% of people using search engines don’t move past the first page of results. So through an effective SEO plan, you can find yourself on that first page for particular searches where your competitors are not.     



An incredibly important aspect of small businesses with the minimal budget for continuous PPC marketing is the price of SEO. Optimisation is a cheap alternative to traditional marketing techniques. It does require an on going cost of adapting content, and depending on how much content you want to cater toward different common search trends, the internal cost of producing this copy could add up.


Based on your budget, this is still a better option than PPC, as commonly with PPC options you will come up against larger business with deeper pockets. These businesses will have the marketing budgets to continue to outbid you for the specific industry terms, where SEO’s initial cost is all that is needed (until search trends begin to change).


SEO is an efficient and effective model for digital marketing, particularly in reference to small business. If you consider these factors, the choice to implement an SEO plan will be an obvious, and beneficial one.


If you’re after some expertise on how to maximise your SEO strategy give SEO Marketer a call today! We can help point you in the right direction in order for you to make the most out of your brands online presence.